Some tips when choosing a good PLR product to promote.

Let’s be honest here. 95 out of 100 PLR products are JUNK. Junk junk junk.

Okay, 25% are so-so, 70% are useless trash, a waste of effort to those who even bothered creating shit that’s already been flushed down the toilet bowl aeons ago, and only 5% are worth promoting.

So what are some ways to tell if a PLR product is worthy and useful enough to promote?

First, thing’s first. Take the time to go through it. Whether it’s an ebook, audiobook, or a video tutorial, go through it and see if you’ve learnt anything from it at all.

Once you’ve gone through it, take the time to note a few things:

1) What is the length of the content, is it too short to be of any value? If it’s an “Ebook” that contains 5 pages, believe me i’ve seen trash like these, then please trash it into your recycle bin. Forget the recycle bin. Incinerate it. It’s not even worth recycling. That ain’t an Ebook, that’s a leaflet!

So make sure that the content is of appropriate length. If it’s an Ebook, at least 30 pages. If it’s a video, at least an hour long. You don’t want to be handling refunds, it’s a real hassle.

2) Is the writing or speech easy to understand?

If you can’t even understand what the author is trying to say. Incinerate it! These PLR product creators really have to take some English lessons first before they try and teach something. Cuz what I think is, they ought to be taught some grammar first before typing a god damn full sentence into Google Translate and copying and pasting whatever came out straight into the Ebook.

3) Is the quality of the graphics professional enough? If it looks like someone used Windows Paint to do up a cover, screw it. Oh wait. Don’t judge a book by its cover? This doesn’t apply in these kinda cases. If the PLR product creator spent grueling hours creating a fantastic product, wouldn’t he want the front cover to shine his awesome finish?

That’s all folks. Stay tune for my next post.


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