List of PLR Stores and Memberships

There are many Private Label Rights stores and memberships out there in the PLR market. Here, we list a couple of quality, long-standing, PLR stores and memberships that we’ve researched and found since last year 2012:

PLR Stores and PLR/MRR memberships:



PLR Store

The PLR Store



PLR Memberships

Before you sign up for a PLR membership site, be sure to check out the quality of their products first. The next thing you want to check out is the customer support. Some PLR memberships don’t even offer support when a download link is invalid or when you account runs into any issues. So don’t be shy to ask before you buy. If you don’t get an answer, then think twice about purchasing the membership.

Another thing you should do is to compare the pricing vs. the amount of products of various PLR membership sites. Is the monthly recurring fee too high? Or do they offer a one-time membership fee, etc.

But why sign up for a plr membership in the first place? The reason why most people need plr products is to giveaway free products to potential customers in exchange for an email newsletter signup for example. Sort of like a bonus. There are a couple of other things you can do once you obtain private label rights. You could sell it on, bundle a few products together and make a fire sales offer, or even create e-courses.

With PLR products, you choose what you want to do with them. Imma end it with a slogan – Private Label Rights – “Buy it, Edit it, Sell it!”